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Anti-Perch Spikes

Our anti-perch spikes are crafted using top-notch stainless steel for durability, and they come with bases made of UV stable plastic. These spikes are typically placed on window-sills, roof edges, ledges, and pipes. Depending on where they’re placed and the surface they’re installed on, we employ various installation methods, such as gutter clips, cable ties, and silicone.

You can find anti-perch spikes in different lengths to shield against various bird species, including pigeons. Rest assured, our spikes are certified by both the RSPB and the PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

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Bird Netting - Supplied AND fitted by professionals

Our anti-perch spikes are made from quality stainless steel for longevity and feature UV stable plastic bases.

Spikes are commonly installed on window-sills, edges of roofs, ledges and pipes.

We use several installation methods depending on the placement of the anti-perch spikes and the material they will be installed onto, including gutter clips, cable ties and silicone.

Anti-perch spikes are available in a variety of lengths to provide protection against multiple breeds of birds in addition to pigeons.

We only use spikes certified by the RSPB and the PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service).

Extensive Site Survey

Before installing any bird proofing products, we carry out an extensive site survey to your property to discover the most suitable and beneficial solution for your particular issue.

This can depend on the extent of the pigeon problem, the area of the affected space, and how accessible the building is.

We have our own cherry pickers which allow us to access the hardest to reach buildings at any height.

We also provide a free no-obligation quote; please call 020 7127 8079 for more information.

Why Choose All Clean London?

Pigeons can be a huge issue for business and property owners, especially in London.

If ignored, pigeons can cause extensive damage to the property and are disease carriers, meaning their droppings can pose a potentially hazardous problem.

Our teams at All Clean London are highly experienced in providing both effective and non-harmful solutions to pigeon problems.

We have the ability to access all heights and awkward areas with our selection of professional equipment and machinery.

Our main aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality services which is why we offer the following; a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services, client reports, constant communication and eco-friendly services.


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