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Building exterior cleaning

It can be a challenge to try and keep your building to stay clean in London due to the surrounding pollution and wet weather. So the facade cleaning experts have to continuously clean these areas so they are always immaculate. 

We are the best facade cleaning service in Tottenham and surrounding areas. Our team are always committed to difficult projects, like window washing. 

Prior to our work on the exterior of your building in Tottenham, we will first undertake a safety evaluation on your building to figure out which type of services will best suit your business. It depends on elements like what the current appearance of the building is like.

We can arrange for our team to visit you to clean your establishment in regular intervals to ensure the exterior remains clean, preventing the need for a refurbishment.

A popular method for cleaning an outside space is to steam clean with hotel water. Another way is through using high-pressure jet washing which is essential to remove resistant areas of dirt or grime from these buildings.

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    Our water-fed poles are one of our most popular tools in high rise facade cleaning. The safe, efficient and fast way to clean windows allows for the building exterior to stay spotless without endangering workers or causing any disruptions with tenants.

    Water-fed poles are the perfect solution for quickly and effectively cleaning off dirt, streak marks, and sediment from buildings. This is because our purifying system takes out any particles or sediments in order to create a clean surface naturally.

    British Window Cleaning Academy trained our facade cleaners to use reach and wash effectively. They can clean up to heights of 89 feet with water-fed poles, allowing them access difficult areas that most people cannot get to by themselves.

    Mobile Elevated work Platforms

    We offer a wide range of hydraulic platforms, such as scissor lifts and MEWPs. This allows us to tailor our facade cleaning services for any building type or height.

    Our IPAF-qualified cleaning teams have years of experience under their belt. Their knowledge and efficiency allow them to complete any tasks in a timely manner, leaving you with more time on your hands.

    The cherry picker can reach up to 300ft, making hard-to-access areas much easier for our workers. The arm comes with full safety precautions so that you know it’s safe and available in any situation.

    Cherry picker window cleaning

    Proficient Customer Service

    We understand how important your experience is to you, which is why we provide cleaners with personal PDAs that keep you up-to date about the progress of their work at all times!

    Our online customer portal makes it easy to access your schedule, check out times and method statements, and even gain instant access for risk assessments!

    Give us a call today and talk to one of our friendly representatives about the facade cleaning process. We strive for excellence in both services provided, as well as customer service so you will be confident with choosing our company again!

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