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We offer testing, maintenance and installation services for all types of eyebolts from stainless steel systems to galvanised colour coated types, indoor or outdoor, fixed or removable. Eyebolts and Abseil Points are commonly used for a wide range of purposes including rope access, maintenance and window cleaning. All eyebolts are installed and marked according to the relevant British Standards and the PPE Directives. Each system is labelled with the next inspection due date and any further information that is relevant to the category the eyebolt is to be used for. You will be provided with a certificate of examination for proof of compliance. Due to the many usages and load bearing possibilities it is critical that eyebolts undergo intensive routine inspections that comply with current legislation and are deemed appropriate for use. Routine inspections are carried out by our experienced and specialist teams. Each technician is trained to identify damage and perform preventative maintenance on the system to ensure longevity. Examinations include missing or loose fixtures and fittings, missing tags, surrounding structural damage, vandalism or corrosion.

Eyebolt testing tag on a commercial property in London


We are here to keep your buildings maintained and cleaned to the highest of standards. The recommendations for eyebolt testing London can vary based on the system and uses. Eyebolts with single anchor points used for working at height should be tested every 12 months and 6 months if they are class A.

If eyebolts are not in use, not compliant or tested within a 12 month period they should be tagged clearly not to be used. You can be confident that your eyebolts are consistently safe for use with our reminder system. We will remember then your next inspection is due so that you don’t have to.

*Eyebolts and abseil points are to be used in conjunction with PPE, it is crucial to ensure all PPE equipment adheres to current compliance and deemed appropriate for use by a trained personnel.

The Eyebolt Testing Standards and frequency

All of our friendly staff at All Clean London are fully trained and qualified with a vast range of experience and training. This ensures they are efficient in maintaining all types of eyebolts and identifying damages that may have occurred in between inspections. Where damages are found, our staff are trained to follow recording and reporting procedures, offer recommendations where corrections are possible and are able to identify when it is necessary to withdraw damaged systems.

At All Clean London we offer comprehensive services to keep your building maintained and clean. Whether you are a property manager, housing association or owner/manager of a privately managed building, we work closely with you. Our main aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality services. This is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services, client reports, constant communication and eco-friendly services.


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