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We can supply your business with exceptional abseiling window cleaning in Westminster. This is the ideal method to maintain an immaculate look for the exterior of your building, as this is what people who dont know your business will see first.

Abseiling is a essential cleaning method used to access the windows of tall buildings which are restricted and unable to be reached normally.

Our team of operatives are knowledgeable in all areas of our offered services. They are experienced to provide work to all types of buildings, specialising in areas like rope access cleaning.

It is possible to offer regular contract work to buildings in Westminster and around London to keep a pristine appearance for your company.

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    Office abseiling window cleaning.

    health & Safety Regulations

    All of our window cleaners are fully qualified to provide a great service, with their gained IRATA certification. 

    We ensure health and safety training is regularly repeated to ensure the well-being of both our staff and the general public.

    Only particular cleaning products and materials are used to ensure the windows are simply just cleaned without any other affect on them.

    For windows of buildings which are quite fragile, our team will use cleaning agents which are gentle, yet still clean effectively.

    All Clean London are proud winners of a collection of accreditations, including SafeContractor, ContractorPlus, CHAS and OHSAS 18001. 

    Our team will provide you with an exceptional standard of abseiling window cleaning in Westminster, conducted by completely skilled and trained operatives.

    Environmentally focused

    If your company is aware of their eco-friendly, status we offer a range of products which can be used to help protect the environment. 

    The method of window cleaning itself is also environmentally friendly, with no energy being consumed. 

    The harshness of the chemicals in standard products find their way through drains into the surrounding environment, affecting both animals and the landscape. 

    Our eco-friendly products have no effect on the environment what-so-ever, making it perfect for abseiling window cleaning. 

    Benefits of abseiling window cleaning

    Abseiling window cleaning is a great service, which offers lots of benefits.

    • This type of window cleaning allows our workers to access hard to reach areas along the exterior of your building. These places can’t be reached using ladders or other equipment.
    • The method is an extremely safe form of window cleaning for high rise buildings with high up windows.
    • All equipment is based on the building, meaning there is no disruption to any space on the ground.
    • It is a quick and cost-effective choice for commercial buildings and has no effect on staff inside the establishment.
    • A very environmentally friendly solution, which isn’t reliant excessively on machinery.
    • The abseiling equipment can be positioned in place and taken down rapidly, which also prevents disruption to workers in the building.

    Alternative Window Cleaning Methods

    We will carry out assessments beforehand to ensure that we are using the best method of window cleaning for your particular building, this could be determined by the height of your building, the shape/size of the building and your budget. 

    We have many other options available including the following:

    Reach & Wash Window Cleaning: For suitable heights, many buildings are able to use our reach and wash method with water-fed poles, where working from a height is completely minimised. 

    Cherry Picker Window Cleaning: Our cherry pickers are ideal for areas which are extremely hard to access. All of our cherry picker operatives are IPAF certified. 

    Cradle Window Cleaning: We have the ability to create bespoke window cleaning cradles which are made to measure for the exact shape and size of your building. 

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    Send us a message today and we will get back to you soon.

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      Abseil Window Cleaning FAQs

      The abseil window cleaning process is a type of high-reach technique that's perfect for reaching the highest windows on your building. It involves being suspended from a rope and using specialist equipment not seen in standard techniques.

      The price of our abseil window cleaning is dependent on the size of the job. Of course, if there are less windows to clean, the price will not be as high. Please get in contact with us with information so we can provide an accurate quote.

      The dramatic and dangerous-looking act of abseiling is actually a safe method for cleaning high level buildings.

      We recommend that windows should be cleaned regularly. Ideally, once a week, but once a month can also be appropriate. Dirt builds very quickly in London which is why this is necessary.

      We provide a regular contracted window cleaning service. Here we will cooperate with you to schedule a regular routine for cleaning your windows. This is the most efficient thing to do as it ensures that you don't have to worry about constantly making calls to different window cleaning companies.

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      Laura Hallet
      Really good service
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      Amazing service, stayed for until a thorough job was completed. I Would happily recommend and use them again.
      Sally Mathews
      Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
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      They listened well and was attentive to my many queries and questions, extremely knowledgable, He was also honest about need, and did not overcharge. Thank you very much.
      James Wilson
      Fantastic Service!
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      We often have All Clean London clean our office windows. The guys always arrive bang on time. The final result is always perfect they leave our windows completely spotless. I am extremely pleased with the job these guys do every week for us and I would not hesitate in recommending them.
      Bernie B
      Excellent experience
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      I have used all clean London for more than 2 years. I am the Manager of a very busy restaurant and the windows are cleaned twice a week. I have never had to complain! Great Window Cleaning at a great price!
      Maria Kent
      Willing and hardworking staff.
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      Communication was a bit of a problem at the start but we got there in the end. Now they understand our expectations. The job is well done, work ethic is good and very respectful.
      Ben Swan
      Top quality cleaning services
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      Top quality cleaning services everytime. (window cleaning). They are reliable and turn up the same time every other week. Every few months we get them to do some additional services such as clearing the gutters and jet washing. Highly recommended!!

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