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Professional Jet Washing By Expert Cleaners

We offer expert pressure washing services in Chelsea that will restore your exterior to a shiny new look. 

Our professional technicians have the experience and skillset to wash away years of dirt, grime, mould spores or other unwanted matter from any surface with just one easy day’s work.

With so many people living and breathing in London, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of dirt can accumulate on buildings and streets in the city.

Our commercial pressure washers can clean anything, no matter how stubborn or dirty. We have the power you need for your cleaning needs!

They operate at up to 150 degrees Celsius and are powerful enough to combat any grime that has accumulated on your office.

Check out the full list of areas we cover in London.

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    Our Jet Wash Cleaning Guarantee

    Efficient Pressure Washing

    With our jet washing in Chelsea, we are committed to providing reliable customer service. We make sure this is the case by setting up appointments for our customers and never coming without warning.

    Our jet washing equipment is simply brilliant. Cleaning the front of a building has never been easier with our teams having access to PDAs that allow them to communicate with both the client and head office for any schedule updates.

    We also allow clients to access an online Customer Portal where all documentation is stored, such as risk assessments and method statements. 

    We offer a money-back guarantee, so you can’t go wrong with our window washing service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results of our pressure washing service, we’ll refund your money and do it again until you are.

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