Commercial Window Cleaning London

All Clean London offers professional window cleaning services for commercial buildings throughout London

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    Harrods in London
    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    London Window Cleaning Services

    Welcome to All Clean London, your professional London window cleaner. At All Clean London, we provide professional window cleaning services for clients based throughout London and all of the surrounding areas.

    With a huge team of professional window cleaners, we can work on a full range of buildings with no height restrictions. Get a free no-obligation quote for window cleaning services in London today.

    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    Our Commercial Exterior window cleaning Methods

    Abseiling window cleaning

    Abseiling Window Cleaning London

    We provide the highest quality abseiling window cleaning. Our teams of experienced and fully trained/qualified window cleaners know which techniques are needed for your business.

    Roof lantern cleaning cradle

    Mobile Platform Window Cleaning London

    Our cherry picker window cleaning is a method we use to access hard to reach areas and heights, where our alternative methods are not sufficient. All Clean London have access to a variety of MEWPs.

    Cradle window cleaning office building

    Cradle Window Cleaning London

    Cradle window cleaning allows for quicker job completion compared to other methods, due to the ability to carry any equipment needed including buckets of water in the cradle.

    Waterfed pole cleaning london

    Reach & Wash Window Cleaning London

    When using our reach and wash window cleaning method, you are automatically using our fastest and most time-efficient method available. We have the ability to clean windows up to 80ft with water-fed poles.

    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    Buildings We've Worked On


    Office Building


    School Building


    Hotel in London


    Hilton Hotel

    Retail Stores

    Harrods in London

    Apartment Blocks

    Apartment Buildings


    Pret A Manager


    Wembley Windows


    Westfields in London
    Man using waterfed pole to clean window
    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    Access all areas

    With our commercial window washing company, our cleaners are able to clean any building with hard to access areas, delicate exteriors and extreme heights. 

    We offer our recommendation on which method will be most suitable for your particular commercial window washing service and ensure the cleaning process is carried out with health and safety precautions in place. 

    Our commercial window cleaners in London are fully qualified and highly experienced, with all abseilers holding IRATA qualifications and our MEWPs operators holding IPAF licenses.

    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    Commercial window Washing Service Contracts

    Our commercial exterior window cleaning company in London offers window commercial window washing services on a contract basis, which is ideal for larger companies. 

    By being located in London, many buildings suffer from constant pollution problems, meaning window cleaning is required to be carried out on a regular basis. 

    Here at All Clean London, as a commercial window washing company, we have teams of commercial window cleaners who will clean any building exterior on a schedule which works best for your company. 

    We can offer a full external cleaning service to your building, using the correct cleaning solutions and taking the upmost care to produce the highest quality cleaning standards.

    Commercial Window Cleaning London

    Why Choose us For Window Cleaning in London?

    Zero Height Limits

    Given the types of buildings in London, we have the specialist commercial exterior window cleaning equipment needed to reach windows of any building size. We use rope access equipment for the highest heights, cherry pickers that reach up to 300 ft and even bespoke cradles to adapt to unique building shapes.

    Health & Safety Assured

    We take safety seriously. Our window cleaners are first aid certified, and we provide risk assessments for every job to make sure you're getting the safest service possible. We also have top accreditations including CHAS, Safe Contractor and ContractorPlus.

    Reliable & Experienced

    We're a company that has always been committed to being the most reliable, so we invest heavily in training our teams and staying up-to-date with all of your needs. We also have over 40 years of experience cleaning corporate buildings in London.

    recent customers reviews

    what our clients say

    Laura Hallet
    Really good service
    Read More
    Amazing service, stayed for until a thorough job was completed. I Would happily recommend and use them again.
    Sally Mathews
    Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
    Read More
    They listened well and was attentive to my many queries and questions, extremely knowledgable, He was also honest about need, and did not overcharge. Thank you very much.
    James Wilson
    Fantastic Service!
    Read More
    We often have All Clean London clean our office windows. The guys always arrive bang on time. The final result is always perfect they leave our windows completely spotless. I am extremely pleased with the job these guys do every week for us and I would not hesitate in recommending them.
    Bernie B
    Excellent experience
    Read More
    I have used all clean London for more than 2 years. I am the Manager of a very busy restaurant and the windows are cleaned twice a week. I have never had to complain! Great Window Cleaning at a great price!
    Maria Kent
    Willing and hardworking staff.
    Read More
    Communication was a bit of a problem at the start but we got there in the end. Now they understand our expectations. The job is well done, work ethic is good and very respectful.
    Ben Swan
    Top quality cleaning services
    Read More
    Top quality cleaning services everytime. (window cleaning). They are reliable and turn up the same time every other week. Every few months we get them to do some additional services such as clearing the gutters and jet washing. Highly recommended!!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Commercial window cleaning refers to the expert service of cleaning windows of industrial buildings. This is with a focus on buildings used by businesses or other establishments instead of domestic properties. However, this does also apply to apartment blocks and other large shared spaces.

    If you own or are a tenant of a large building, it can be unproductive to try and maintain windows yourself. This is where hiring professional window cleaners can be a great investment.


    If you are concerned about health and safety standards, as well as professional appearances then commercial window cleaning is vital.

    The frequency at which you should get your commercial windows cleaned depends on several factors, including the location of your office, the amount of foot traffic, and the weather conditions. As a general rule, it is recommended that commercial windows be cleaned at least twice a year.


    However, if your building is located in a particularly dusty or polluted area, or if it experiences heavy foot traffic, you may need to have your windows cleaned more frequently. In such cases, it may be necessary to have the windows cleaned once a month or even more frequently.


    Additionally, if you notice that your commercial building's windows are visibly dirty or streaked, it is a good idea to have them cleaned as soon as possible, regardless of when they were last cleaned.


    Ultimately, the frequency at which you should have your commercial windows cleaned will depend on your specific circumstances. It is best to consult with a professional window cleaning service like All Clean London to determine a cleaning schedule that is right for your office.

    The cost for our commercial window cleaning depends heavily on the scale of the job, taking building size and time to complete into account.


    This is why it is hard for us to give a general price.


    If you want an estimate on your project, request a quote and we'll be able to tell how much it will cost as well as the timeline for completion.


    We usually take great efforts to make sure that our window cleaning will not disturb your daily routine.


    We frequently work at times where people are not yet at work and where there is a low density of people on streets.


    This allows us to be incredibly non-intrusive, you'll never realise we were there.

    The appearance of your building is the first thing potential clients or customers will notice when it comes to business. It's vital to keep the windows of your establishment spotless so that you can set a great impression on any potential customers or clients, who may pass by your premises or even pay a visit.


    Due to the busy nature of the city, commercial establishments in London will often build up tonnes of dirt and grime on their exterior, including in hard-to-reach areas. This should be regularly maintained in order to keep a pristine condition for your building.


    When you start the process of ensuring your windows are in immaculate condition, you will notice more benefits for your company. Naturally more sunlight will be allowed into the office. This is vital for employee wellbeing and productivity, as natural sunlight improves all these factors and more.


    Over time, exposure to weather conditions like rain and snow can harm your windows' structural integrity. In most office buildings, weakened glass windows can result in expensive repair costs. Your office's glass windows can be quickly and environmentally friendly cleaned from the outside by using our services.


    These services give your business a cost-effective and efficient approach to preventing any unwanted damage.

    Our Coverage

    Areas we cover

    Our commercial window cleaners in London cover all areas of the capital.

    For a free no-obligation window cleaning quote, please call 020 7127 8079 today or fill out our free quote form.

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