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One London’s biggest problems is the pollution, which has made it too difficult for buildings to maintain their surfaces. 

With bad weather conditions and an ever-present battle against pollution in sight; you can see why these facades need professional cleaners like us!

No matter what type of cleaning you need to be done, our team at All Clean London is ready for it. From window washing to facade restoration in Clerkenwell, we’ve got your back!

Commercial facade cleaning is an important service for maintaining the exterior of buildings. We assess your property and determine whether you need our services before starting any work on it, so we can ensure top quality results.

Your building will always look pristine with regular visits from our team of cleaners, which will avoid full restoration projects. 

When it comes to cleaning your outdoor space, there are plenty of options. The most common way we can manage the task is by using hot water and steam or high-pressure jets on exteriors surfaces

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    Our water-fed poles are perfect for cleaning high rise buildings without risking anyone getting hurt. We’re able to clean the exterior spotless while not disrupting tenants during work hours!

    The British Window Cleaning Academy has trained our Facade Cleaners in the use of Reach and Wash, which enables them to clean windows up 89ft high.

    The natural transparency of our water-fed poles and their purifying system makes them the perfect choice for cleaning facades. Our specialised process removes sediment, minerals, or other particles to leave you with a streak-free appearance!

    Cradle window cleaning office building


    All Clean London relies on a team of experienced abseilers to safely clean the upper facades. They have been qualified and certified for their job, with two level-3 supervisors available at any time if necessary input needed.

    Clearing a building’s facade is not always an easy task, which is why we offer abseiling. Our tools come in handy for those buildings that can’t be accessed by ground and need cleaning from top-down with some assistance up high.

    There are no height restrictions when abseiling to clean a tall building. This allows for easy access and quick cleanup!

    Cherry Picker

    We have the best of everything, from scissor lifts to MEWPs. Our team uses a wide range of equipment for facade cleaning needs!

    We provide a quality cleaning service that can fit into any schedule. Our experienced, IPAF-qualified teams are efficient and knowledgeable – they’ll clean anything you need them to in no time!

    The cherry picker is the perfect tool for reaching those hard-to-reach areas. It can reach up to 300 feet with full safety precautions, so you know that your equipment will always be reliable.

    Cherry picker window cleaning

    A strong Focus On Customer Service

    Our cleaning professionals wear personal data assistants (PDAs) at all times so they can provide updates on their progress and get your feedback. This way, you’ll always know what to expect.

    Furthermore, with our online customer portal, not only can we monitor your schedule times and method statements in minutes? You’ll also have access to risk assessments anytime.

    You can depend on our team for quality work and customer service. We’re happy to answer any questions about your Clerkenwell facade cleaning project, so give us a call today!

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