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Facade Cleaning For Commercial Buildings

London is a city in need of constant maintenance to keep its buildings looking good. The pollution and moist weather conditions are too much for the structures, which cause them wear out quickly when not properly taken care off or cleaned regularly.

All Clean London provides a wide range of exterior cleaning services to the Covent Garden area, from window washing to facade restoration.

When it comes to facade cleaning in Covent Garden, we have a number of different techniques at our disposal. We assess the situation before determining which one is right for you!

If you want to make sure that your facades are always clean, we can send teams out on a regular basis for facade cleaning.

Our professional cleaners are experts in London’s unique buildings. They know which chemicals can damage a building and when to use special products for the best results, so you get your property back to normal without worrying about it!

Our expert technicians use a variety of methods to clean. We have high-pressure techniques that put out steam and jet washing, as well as low pressure options too! 

We can clean any facade material, including concrete and brick to glass and glazed tiles.


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    Our specialist facade cleaners have a fleet of Reach and Wash Vehicles to help them meet their scope. With this, they’re able to clean both windows and facades on the exterior part of your building.

    The British Window Cleaning Academy trains our Facade Cleaners in the use of Reach and Wash, enabling them to reach extreme heights for window cleaning. They can clean windows up to 89ft using this method.

    Water-fed poles serve a great purpose by allowing for the cleaning of high rise buildings without putting workers at risk. They are perfect tools to use within our facade cleaning services.

    Our water-fed poles clean facades and leave them naturally streak free. We have a specialised purifying system that removes sediment, minerals, and other particles from the water to achieve this.

    Cradle window cleaning office building


    All Clean London’s abseilers are IRATA-certified and have years of experience with rope access work. They include two level 3 supervisors who can perform any kind of facade cleaning in Covent Garden.

    We use our abseiling facade cleaners to reach high levels when access on the ground is limited. We also use them for irregularly shaped buildings and situations that require a more thorough clean than normal cleaning methods can provide.

    This method is ideal for working on tall buildings in London because it has no height restrictions.

    Cherry Picker

    All Clean London have access to a vast variety of hydraulic lifts, including mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS), scissor lifts and lorry mounted platforms.

    Our cleaning teams are IPAF-qualified and have years of experience, resulting in a high level of professionalism for their services.

    Our cherry pickers can reach up to 300ft and are ideal for hard-to-access areas. They come with full safety precautions so you know they’re safe to use in any situation.

    Cherry picker window cleaning

    Excellent Communication

    All of our cleaners are highly experienced and fully qualified in their trade so you can rely on us anytime. We have personal PDAs to stay connected with both the client and head office, so you can stay constantly updated.

    With our online customer portal you’ll also be able to access your schedule times, risk assessments and method statements within minutes.

    Our goal is to not only provide you with fantastic facade cleaning services, but to communicate effectively to ensure you are provided with the best customer service possible.

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