When is the best Time to Clean Windows?

Cleaning windows might seem like a straightforward task, but the timing can significantly impact its level of difficulty. Performing this seemingly simple chore at the wrong time can complicate matters. The changing seasons throughout the year wield a notable influence on the cleanliness of your windows, underscoring the importance of choosing the right moment for the task.

So, when exactly is the optimal time to clean your windows? In today’s discussion on “What is the best time to clean windows?” As one of the leading commercial window cleaners in London, we’ll explore the various impacts of cleaning windows and pinpoint the most opportune moments for this task.

The best time of year to clean windows

When considering the best time of year to clean windows, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. As mentioned earlier in our discussions about how often windows should be cleaned, a general guideline suggests cleaning them every three months. Adhering to this routine ensures that your commercial windows maintain a polished, professional appearance, consistently radiating a gleaming and presentable image.

Putting this rule of thumb aside, when speaking about the best time of year to clean windows, we recommend having your windows cleaned in mild seasons such as spring and autumn if not looking to be done every 3 months. A common misconception regarding window cleaning is the belief that it’s only practical during sunny months. However, this is proven to be untrue. The only instance we would advise against window cleaning is amid severe storms characterised by heavy rain and gusty winds.


Traditionally, spring stands out as the prime season for window cleaning, commonly associated with the annual ritual of refreshing living spaces. While the weather generally leans towards pleasant, it’s essential to note that pollen accumulation on exterior glass windows can expedite the appearance of dirt.


Surprisingly, despite the warmer weather, summer may not be the optimal choice for window cleaning due to its higher temperatures. The fast drying time and reduced likelihood of rain make it a convenient option, although the intense heat can lead to quicker evaporation of cleaning solutions and potential streaking on window surfaces.


Unless faced with an unusually rainy season, autumn presents itself as an ideal time for window cleaning. The moderate temperature reduces the risk of cleaning products drying prematurely, which helps prevent residue on window panes. Additionally, autumn offers an opportunity to address gutter cleaning simultaneously.


Despite its reputation as the rainiest season, winter surprisingly offers favourable conditions for window cleaning. Clean rain during this season doesn’t significantly soil windows, with concerns arising primarily from dirty, wind-driven rain that follows an extended dry spell in summer.

When is the best time of day to clean windows?


The optimal times for washing outside windows are in the early morning or late afternoon, particularly when the sun is less intense. This choice minimises the risk of rapid drying, a factor that often results in undesirable streaks and water spots on the glass.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Avoid window washing during periods of rain or high humidity, as these conditions can leave streaks and residue on the glass surface.
  • Direct sunlight accelerates the evaporation of cleaning solutions, potentially leading to streaks and spots. Opt for a cloudy day or a time when the sun’s intensity is reduced to achieve more effective results.
  • Extreme temperatures, whether excessively hot or cold, can hinder the window washing process and diminish its effectiveness. Choosing a mild day ensures optimal conditions for achieving the best results.



The changing seasons bring their unique challenges and advantages, influencing the effectiveness of the cleaning process. As we’ve explored the nuances of each season and the best times of day, it becomes clear that strategic planning can significantly impact the outcome of your window-cleaning. As one of the leading commercial window cleaners in London, we emphasise the importance of regular cleaning, with a general guideline suggesting a three-month interval. Adhering to this routine ensures that commercial windows maintain a polished and professional appearance.

However, it’s crucial to move beyond the rule of thumb and consider the specifics of each season. Spring offers a prime window-cleaning opportunity, although the threat of pollen accumulation lingers. Surprisingly, summer, despite its warm temperatures, may not be the optimal choice due to the risk of streaking caused by rapid evaporation. Autumn emerges as an ideal time, presenting moderate temperatures that prevent premature drying of cleaning products. Winter, often deemed the rainiest season, paradoxically offers favourable conditions for window cleaning, with clean rain and extended cleanliness.

When it comes to the best time of day, early morning or late afternoon proves optimal, reducing the risk of streaks and water spots caused by rapid drying. Considerations like the weather conditions, sunlight, and temperature play pivotal roles, urging individuals to choose wisely for a more effective and satisfying window-cleaning experience.

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