The Importance Of Commercial Building Maintenance

If you have ever taken a stroll through the City of London, you’ve surely noticed the impressive skyscrapers mirrored surfaces echoing the vibrant city life. Appealing, isn’t it? Although it’s not just about aesthetics, maintaining your commercial building’s exterior is as vital as caring for your home.

As you wouldn’t tidy up indoors while ignoring dirty windows or unkempt roofs, exterior building cleaning is crucial for appearance and upkeep. In this blog, All Clean London will guide you through the significance of routine exterior maintenance and share tips to enhance your building’s overall appeal.

Why is cleaning the exterior of your building important?


Increasing Curb Appeal

Companies are often evaluated based on the initial impression made by their building. After all, it’s the very first thing people notice upon their arrival. Creating a positive initial impact on visitors to your commercial property is essential – whether they are partners, clients, customers, or prospective employees.

Your building serves as a reflection of your business and the professionalism you uphold. Shiny windows and a well-maintained building facade convey a positive message, preserving your reputation and attracting more customers/clients. Your building is an integral part of your brand identity, and regular cleaning demonstrates your commitment to professionalism.

Important For Upkeep

Addressing commercial building maintenance goes beyond mere aesthetics. Regular upkeep is crucial to extend the lifespan of the building’s exterior and prevent any potential damage. Moss and algae might not seem like much, but in fact, these natural formations can have damaging consequences if not treated with full force.

Moss and algae can wreak havoc on buildings in various damaging ways. While seemingly harmless, they can trap moisture against a building’s surface, seeping into cracks and crevices over time, causing erosion and degradation of materials like brick, concrete, wood, and metal.

Health Risk Prevention

Moss and algae on your commercial building can cause serious health risks to those who occupy the building. Employees and visitors are prone to inhaling damp, mould fragments or spores, which could lead to respiratory issues, especially in individuals with health issues such as asthma.

Cleaning Methods Used For Maintenace

Below are some tactics you can employ to ensure that your commercial building not only looks good but also ensures complete safety to visitors and employees that occupy the building:

Men hanging from building cleaning windows

Commercial Window Cleaning


Maintaining the pristine appearance of commercial buildings is crucial as they represent the essence of businesses and their functions. When it comes to window cleaning, commercial establishments require special attention. This is because the condition of windows significantly impacts the initial impression on potential customers and partners. Dirty windows can convey a negative message, tarnishing the professional image of the business.

Commercial buildings should undergo window cleaning at least once every three months. This timeframe serves as a baseline recommendation, offering a reasonable starting point for most businesses. It ensures that the windows maintain a polished appearance, enhancing the overall appeal of the commercial space and leaving a positive impression on visitors and clients.

Jet Washing Office Building

Jet Washing


Jet washing, a specialised technique employing power washing, steam cleaning, and jet washing equipment, holds immense importance in various applications. Utilising high-pressure steam and hot or cold water effectively tackles the removal of hard surface moss, mould, mildew, and green algae.

This method is particularly crucial for cleaning and restoring diverse hard masonry surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, block paving, and more. Jet washing not only revitalises the appearance of surfaces but also contributes significantly to their longevity. It eliminates stubborn contaminants, ensuring that the surfaces are not just clean but also protected from potential damage caused by moss, mould, or algae infestations.

Gutter Clearance


Gutter clearance is a fundamental aspect of home maintenance, emphasising the removal of debris such as leaves, bird droppings, moss, and other unsanitary blockages. A general rule of thumb suggests performing gutter maintenance at least twice a year, although the frequency might vary based on the specific environmental conditions.

Regular gutter cleaning is a proactive measure, addressing potential issues like leaks and damp spots arising from blocked gutters. By eliminating debris, this maintenance practice ensures that the seamless flow of rainwater is unobstructed, preventing structural damage and water-related problems within the property. Gutter clearance not only controls existing issues but also diminishes the likelihood of future complications, preserving the integrity of the building and safeguarding it against water-related damage.

Facade Cleaning


Communal area cleaning is an essential service that keeps buildings clean. The more people live or work together in a community, the greater chance there will be dirt becoming established on surfaces. To keep your communal areas in tip-top shape, you should clean them periodically. Weekly is the best frequency for thoroughness. This includes vacuuming carpets or floors, dusting shelves and skirting boards, and polishing door frames & wood furniture surfaces.

Communal Cleaning

Keeping your building clean and in good condition requires daily/bi-weekly maintenance and monitoring. Regular building cleaning and janitorial services ensure all occupants feel safe to visit or work if there are many employees.

Having professional janitors who are specialised in communal area cleaning can carry out the following tasks to ensure a happy working environment:

  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Bin emptying
  • Disinfecting surfaces

Maintain Your Commercial Property

A well-maintained exterior is vital for creating a positive first impression on visitors, whether clients, partners, or employees. The post stresses the significance of regular cleaning, including methods like commercial window cleaning, jet washing, gutter clearance, and facade cleaning. These methods not only enhance the building’s appearance but also prevent potential damage caused by moss and algae. Furthermore, the blog highlights the health risks associated with neglecting exterior cleaning, particularly for individuals with respiratory issues.

It also emphasises the importance of communal area cleaning, advocating for regular maintenance to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for all occupants. Overall, the blog provides valuable insights into the crucial aspects of building maintenance and cleanliness, urging readers to prioritise these practices for a professional, welcoming, and healthy workplace.

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