Skyscraper Window Cleaning

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Professional Skyscraper Window Cleaners in London

All Clean London use a variety of methods to carry out skyscraper window cleaning throughout London and the surrounding areas. Having years of experience has allowed us to master the techniques of skyscraper window cleaning, making us the first choice at any time. With no hesight restrictions, we can clean any skyscraper at any given time. Just get in touch with the team today for more information regarding skyscraper window cleaning in London.

No Height Restrictions

With our expertise in high-rise window cleaning in London, we are able to get the job done no matter what size of building you have. We use several different methods that are completely tailored to your specific building.

Using these methods has allowed us to clean some of those most impressive buildings in London and nearby areas. Some of these buildings include St Thomas’ hospital, City Hall & The University Of Cambridge. 

All of these jobs required different methods and allowed us to showcase why our skyscraper window cleaning services are among the best in London.

Our Methods For Skyscraper Window Cleaning

Cradle window cleaning office building

Cradle Window Cleaning

At All Clean London, we have the ability to carry out bespoke cradle window cleaning for your specific building, ideal for if your building has a curved glass edge or is of any other irregular size or shape. We can design and develop cradles to be the perfect fit for your specific building.

Our cradles are built to the highest quality, allowing for seamless movement for our skyscraper window cleaners in London. This means that when scaling the building, there is a minimised risk of damage to the building’s exterior. 

Cherry Picker Window Cleaning

Cherry Pickers and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s) are an ideal solution to cleaning windows at heights up to 300ft, where other methods may be unable to reach these heights or hard to access areas.

All of our cherry picker operatives hold an IPAF license and are highly experienced. When using a cherry picker for skyscraper window cleaning in London, we recommend using a combination of our services to save on costs throughout the year, such as combining this service with facade cleaning or gutter clearance when a cherry picker is required for your building.

Cherry picker window cleaning
Abseiling window cleaners on office block

Abseiling Window Cleaning

We supply abseiling window cleaning for some of the largest and tallest buildings throughout London. This technique is ideal for cleaning windows at extreme heights with our highly experienced abseiling window cleaners. All of our skyscraper window cleaners in London are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified and are highly experienced for safe and efficient window cleaning.

Areas We Cover

Our skyscraper window cleaners cover all areas for London, including the following: 

W1, W2, WC1, WC2, E1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SW1 and NW1 postcodes.

We also have mobile window cleaning teams covering the rest of London and south-east England.

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    Skyscraper Window Cleaning FAQs

    We have several methods for cleaning high rise windows. The most common method is abseilers, as this allows us to have absolutely no height restrictions. We have window cleaning cradles too that allow for more stability at these heights.


    We also use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms for high rise buildings that we can reach without the need for abseilers or cradles.

    Despite how it may look to the casual watcher, high rise window cleaning is incredibly safe.


    Our window cleaners are fully trained, allowing them to do jobs involving things like abseiling with ease. All of our equipment is maintained regularly too so there is nothing to worry about.

    It depends on the owners of the buildings.


    We advise to have your high rise windows cleaned at least once per month. London is known to be a place where dirt accumulates easily, even if you're over 100 feet high.

    Our window cleaners use a lot of traditional equipment like squeegees when cleaning windows. 


    They use special window cleaning solutions as well as purified water to ensure that there are no streaks left behind.

    The cost for window cleaning depends on the scale of the job.


    Get in touch with us regarding your requirements and we can give you an accurate quote.


    What we can guarantee is that our prices are extremely competitive.

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