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All Clean London are one of the leading window cleaners in London when it comes to educational establishments, including schools, colleges and universities.

We have had the pleasure of working with many educational facilities in the past, including the University of Greenwich and the University of Cambridge. 

We have over 40 years experience cleaning the windows of London’s biggest buildings. When you work with us, you are guaranteed a professional services with completely trustworthy staff that are easy to communicate with.

Our service extends beyond just windows, we also clean all other types of glass around the site including bike shelters and canopies. 

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    Specialists That Stand Out From The Rest

    We are extremely proud of the service we provide to educational facilities, and we do our utmost to constantly improve on this aspect. 

    Not only do our window cleaners have the most elite training to be able to work on all kinds of buildings, but they use the best technology to get the job done.

    Furthermore, we make sure to give you constant updates on the progress of our window cleaning. This means you are never unaware of our schedule and can see any information that you require easily.

    Cradle window cleaning office building

    We Ensure Minimal Disruption

    We work hard to ensure we cause no disruption to your school’s activities. To do this, we typically clean at times when students and staff would not be present. 

    We make it our mission to clean your school’s windows without anyone even knowing we were there.

    Regular School Window Cleaning Contracts

    We provide several different contract options for those who want their buildings to stay consistently clean, avoiding any period of time where the windows are not pristine. By doing this, a deep clean wouldn’t be necessary.  

    We know that it can be annoying to keep up with your windows and remember to have them cleaned. This is why we provide regular contracts, to keep you from worrying later down the line! 

    Cherry picker window cleaning

    We Use The Best Technology & Techniques

    When carrying out our window cleaning for schools, universities and colleges, we make sure to provide a variety of techniques so that the job can be completed in the most efficient way.

    We make sure to consistently invest in high-quality equipment every year so that we can give you the best results each time. 

    We use cherry pickers where access is difficult via other methods. Our Mobile Elevating Work Platforms reach up to 100m (300ft). All of our cherry picker operatives are IPAF certified and follow strict health and safety guidelines.

    When working on ground-level buildings, we are able to provide a traditional style to window cleaning, using squeegees and ladders where absolutely necessary. A lot of school’s windows tend to fit into this category, but universities/colleges can be a different story.

    For higher buildings, rope access can often be one of the better options for window cleaning. All of our abseilers are IRATA certified and use state-of-the-art rope access equipment to ensure they can do a great job while staying safe.

    One of our more popular methods for school window cleaning is using water-fed poles for reach and wash. Our water-fed poles can reach up to 89ft and also use purified water to provide a smear-free finish. This makes it easy to clean high windows without the added risks of other techniques.

    We use cradles for some window cleaning jobs which allows us to complete the job faster, as we are able to bring a lot of equipment up with us. These cradles are specifically used to fit your building’s shape, so we are able to use them no matter how odd the shape may be.

    Tailored window Cleaning

    Our school window cleaning services are completely tailored specifically to your needs. 

    We know how important it is to uphold a positive image when it comes to educational institutes. This is why we make sure that we are incredibly thorough, so you won’t have to worry about something affecting the identity of your school/university.

    We are able to schedule the time of cleaning to be completely suitable to the operations of your school.

    We carry out site surveys initially, which allows us to decide the perfect method for cleaning your windows. 

    Based on your needs, we can also tell you how often you should really have your windows cleaned. 

    Furthermore, if there are any special requirements that you have, we are able to take them into account when carrying out our school window cleaning services.

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    Laura Hallet
    Really good service
    Read More
    Amazing service, stayed for until a thorough job was completed. I Would happily recommend and use them again.
    Sally Mathews
    Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
    Read More
    They listened well and was attentive to my many queries and questions, extremely knowledgable, He was also honest about need, and did not overcharge. Thank you very much.
    James Wilson
    Fantastic Service!
    Read More
    We often have All Clean London clean our office windows. The guys always arrive bang on time. The final result is always perfect they leave our windows completely spotless. I am extremely pleased with the job these guys do every week for us and I would not hesitate in recommending them.
    Bernie B
    Excellent experience
    Read More
    I have used all clean London for more than 2 years. I am the Manager of a very busy restaurant and the windows are cleaned twice a week. I have never had to complain! Great Window Cleaning at a great price!
    Maria Kent
    Willing and hardworking staff.
    Read More
    Communication was a bit of a problem at the start but we got there in the end. Now they understand our expectations. The job is well done, work ethic is good and very respectful.
    Ben Swan
    Top quality cleaning services
    Read More
    Top quality cleaning services everytime. (window cleaning). They are reliable and turn up the same time every other week. Every few months we get them to do some additional services such as clearing the gutters and jet washing. Highly recommended!!

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