Jet Washing London

Commercial High Pressured Jet Washing London

High Pressure Washing Services

Our jet washing London service is ideal for building exteriors which have built up dirt and grime over multiple years. Being situated in London means buildings are more likely to be subject to dirt and pollution which effects building exteriors greatly. Using our specialist equipment we are able to clean away all substances with extremely powerful commercial jet washers, operating with temperatures up to 150c. We are able to destroy hard surface moss, mould, mildew and green algae with ease.

  • Specialists in External Cleaning using power washing, steam cleaning & jet washing equipment.
  • Using high pressure steam / hot / cold water ~ Hard Surface Moss, Mould, Mildew & Green Algae Control
  • Cleaning & restoration of stone, masonry, brick, brickwork, concrete, block paving & other hard masonry surfaces.
  • Protection Coatings for Masonry ~ Anti-graffiti paint & weatherproofing coatings.

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