Ladder Training for Window Cleaners

All Clean Services London’s Local Window Cleaning Company have today sent several of our  window cleaners on a one day ladder user and inspection course.  

With cleaning windows at height being such a large part of our work it is very importnat for us to keep sending our teams of window cleaners on regular uptodate training courses.

This ensures that All Clean services have the most qualified and professional window cleaners operating in London today.

  • High-rise window cleaning needs a professional

    This goes without saying, but the window cleaner needs to be trained in high-rise cleaning, and needs to know how to use all the equipment. Whether using rope access techniques (abseiling) or cradles, window cleaners have to be adept at working with different equipment while high off the ground. 

  • The different methods used in high-rise window cleaning

    Rope access techniques are used if certain windows or areas are difficult to access. Water-fed poles can be used to clean windows up to a certain height, as this can be quicker and more efficient than using other access methods. Cherry pickers, hydraulic platforms, and scissor lifts can also be used depending on the nature of the job, while cradles are typically used on larger, tall structures as they allow cleaners to navigate the building with ease.

    Window cleaning at height is not the easiest job, especially as environmental conditions can also be challenging, so operatives need to be armed with all the right equipment in order to carry out the work properly.

  • Cladding cleaning

    A commercial window cleaner doesn’t always work with glass alone. At All Clean, our cladding cleaning division will ensure the exterior of your building looks superb. Our IRATA qualified abseilers are able to access any area at any height using one of a combination of cleaning methods. 

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