How Long Does Window Cleaning Take?

We can all agree that having clean windows is an essential duty that should be carried out to maintain cleanliness and order, whether this be for a house or a commercial building like a hotel, school or hospital. But, we are asked regularly, “How long does it take to clean windows?” or “How long do our window cleaners take to clean windows?”.

Having provided a range of commercial window cleaning services throughout London and Kent for over 40 years, we can safely say that there is no short answer as to how long it can take to clean windows, as this will depend on a number of factors like how big the building is, how many windows the property has and the type of equipment that will need to be used to clean the windows in question, plus many more. Let’s delve into the topic of window cleaning and how long you could possibly expect to wait based on a number of scenarios.

Factors Influencing Window Cleaning Time

Size & Number of Windows

Unsurprisingly, the size of a property and the number of windows significantly affect the time it takes to clean them, whether it’s a house or a commercial building. For example, cleaning the windows on a large structure like the Greenwich Peninsula would naturally require more time due to its size and numerous windows, compared to a small office.

On average, homes and small businesses can expect their windows to be professionally cleaned within 1-3 hours. For slightly larger properties, including bigger homes and business spaces, the cleaning time may extend to an additional 1-2 hours, depending on the size and number of windows, as mentioned earlier.

However, when dealing with larger projects like skyscrapers, the cleaning process can be much more time-consuming and elongated. Cleaning the windows of a towering skyscraper involves intricate planning, specialised equipment, and a considerably longer timeframe, often stretching over several days or even weeks.

Window Accessibility

Next on the list is the accessibility of windows, a crucial factor in determining the time required for cleaning. The duration needed to clean windows on a property depends on how easily or challenging it is to reach specific windows, especially those located on elevated floors or in difficult, hard-to-reach areas.

For instance, homes and commercial spaces with windows accessible from the ground using efficient window cleaning tools like water-fed poles typically require less time than larger buildings that demand more elaborate equipment such as scaffolding, cradles, abseilers, or cherry pickers.

Condition of Windows

Another crucial factor impacting the window cleaning duration is the windows’ present condition. The presence of substantial dirt, grime, water deposits, moss, and algae can significantly prolong the window cleaning process. Windows that haven’t received regular cleaning may require an extended effort to achieve a streak-free, gleaming finish.

In contrast, windows that have been consistently maintained with regular window cleans experience a much swifter cleaning process. This saves valuable time and translates to cost savings for window cleaning. If you’ve ever wondered how often windows should be cleaned, well… there’s your answer!

Methods of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning embraces a range of methods tailored to diverse needs. Traditional hand-cleaning, involving squeegees and soapy water, suits smaller residences with accessible windows. Alternatively, water-fed pole systems, utilising purified water and extendable poles, offer an efficient solution for reaching greater heights without the need for ladders.

For more intricate tasks, commercial buildings often rely on advanced techniques such as rope access (abseiling) by skilled technicians descending from rooftops, cradles or scaffolding for stability, and even automated systems like robotic window cleaners. The choice of method hinges on factors like building height, accessibility, and desired cleanliness level, with each method contributing to an effective and timely window cleaning process.

DIY vs Professional Services

The decision between a do-it-yourself approach and hiring professional window cleaning services significantly impacts the time and efficacy of the cleaning process. Opting for professional services brings expertise, specialised equipment, and efficient techniques to the task, resulting in a faster and more thorough cleaning process.

Professionals are equipped to handle challenges like hard-to-reach windows or specific cleaning needs, ensuring a quicker turnaround. On the other hand, individuals choosing the DIY route may find themselves spending more time and effort. The lack of professional equipment and experience can make the process time-consuming, especially for larger properties or windows in less accessible areas.


The question of how long it takes to achieve that gleaming finish unfolds as a complex interplay of factors. Over four decades of delivering commercial window cleaning services in London and Kent have taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The size and number of windows, the accessibility of different structures, the condition of the windows, and the chosen cleaning method all contribute to shaping the timeframe.

From the efficient use of water-fed poles for ground-accessible windows to the intricate planning and specialised equipment required for colossal skyscrapers, each scenario demands a tailored approach. Regular maintenance proves to be a key strategy, not just in terms of preserving window cleanliness but also in saving valuable time and costs. Whether opting for a do-it-yourself adventure or relying on professional services, the decision significantly influences the speed and efficacy of the cleaning process.

If you require a more, specific answer as to how long it takes to clean windows, get in touch with All Clean London today and we will be more than happy to assist.

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