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Communal Area cleaning Services

At All Clean London we offer specialist cleaning for communal areas for property management companies, educational premises, freehold businesses, office blocks, hospitals in and around London.

Our highly trained and carefully selected team of communal cleaners work with a range of different clients for the block management sector. We offer internal and external cleaning services from daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on your required needs.

We’re the best at cleaning your communal space. Our operatives are professional and experienced, ensuring you have a spotless commercial area to work or spend time in!

If you are searching for a company to help with cleaning communal areas then we would love to help.  Get in touch for a competitive quote today.

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    Communal Cleaning & Gardening Services

    All buildings and clients maybe different and have slightly different requirements based on the building type, and schedule. Bespoke requests maybe catered for.

    Here is a list of services we can help without limitation. 

    • Communal area cleaning (internal / external)
    • Window cleaning & façade cleaning
    • Gardening, landscaping & garden maintenance
    • Dry vacuuming of all types of floor coverings – hoovered and/or mopped
    • Cleaning of reception areas, meeting rooms and office desks. 
    • Jet washing & Graffiti removal
    • Communal bathroom, toilets and showers cleaned
    • Wast Management, thorough cleaning, bins emptied and taken out
    • Kitchen facilities cleaned, disinfected and sanitised
    • Wiping of woodwork, dusting and light fixtures
    • Buffing and polishing of natural stone floors
    • Pest control
    Experienced & professional cleaners

    why choose us?

    Cleaning communal areas and common areas is essential to look clean, hygienic and safe. A messy business premises will look unpresentable and no resident would want to live in unhygienic and unsafe residence. 

    Whether you are a property manager, housing association or owner/manager of a privately managed building at All Clean London we are here to keep your buildings maintained, creating a clean communal space.

    All of our friendly staff at All Clean London are COSHH awareness trained and qualified. The have a vast range of experience and training to to ensure they are efficient in their job. 

    Our main aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality services which is why we offer the following; a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services, client reports, constant communication and eco-friendly services.

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    Send us a message today and we will get back to you soon.

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      Communal Area Cleaning FAQs

      Communal area cleaning is an essential service that keeps office spaces and homes clean. The more people live or work together in a community, the greater chance there will be dirt becoming established on surfaces. Therefore, these areas where people congregate need to be maintained regularly.

      To keep your communal areas in tip top shape, you should clean them periodically. Ideally weekly is the best frequency for thoroughness! This includes vacuuming carpets or floors; dusting shelves and skirting boards, polishing door frames & wood furniture surfaces too.

      Cleaning companies like us can be made responsible for the cleaning of communal areas. However, you should establish a rota with people you work with. This way these areas can be clean daily.

      One way is regular inspection by owners. Keeping your building clean and in good condition requires daily/bi-weekly maintenance and monitoring.


      Another method is hiring a cleaning company like us. It is an excellent way to ensure your property gets the attention it deserves. A specialist crew will make sure that everything's cleaned to a professional standard.


      Finally, make sure that the maintenance of shared parts in a block is the responsibility of all residents. People should be responsible for any mess they personally made.

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