COVID-19 Window Cleaning

With the prospect of lockdown coming to an end in the near future companies are going to be trying to tempt employees to come back into their workspaces, one of the most important parts of this plan will be to not only ensure that the workplace is thoroughly clean but also to ensure that it gives the perception that it is thoroughly clean.

The first thing that visitors to the building will notice (even before they enter) is the glazing on the entrance reception area and if this is dirty it will create a negative impression from the outset.

The importance of keeping the entrance glazing has sometimes in the past been overlooked and has been cleaned by the cleaners this has been carried out poorly leaving smears on the glass. 

It is now more important than ever to have your glazing cleaned professionally to ensure that the glass is gleaming and smear free and to give the users of your building confidence.

Window Cleaning specifications can be customised for all budgets with special attention being paid to high profile areas such as reception areas, meeting areas and communal areas, we can then make recommendations for other areas of the building and to ensure that this fits in with your budgets.

By targeting specific areas on your building and producing a customised specification we will be able to concentrate on the important areas whilst reducing your overall costs.

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